About us


LTD Agrotech-Garantia (Limited Liability Company) was founded on September 27, 2001. Currently the company cultivates the soil in three districts of Poltava region which was issued through leases. This is the territory of ten village and settlement councils where Agrotech-Garantia leases 19000 ha. of the fertile black earth from 4500 landowners (land shares). Agrotech-Garantia is registered in the village of Bakumovka where the main base of the company is located. There are tractor and automobile fleets, central vegetable storage and electro-technical agriculture.

The main activity of the company is the cultivation and promotion of grain, industrial, oil, legumes crops and from 2010 also vegetables.

TOV Grain Innovation Systems was established to store the grown products of Agrotech-Garantia. It`s a grain storage elevator with a total capacity of 150,000 tons located in Mirgorod, and in 2010 in Comishnya a vegetable storage facility was built according to the European standards with a total capacity of 12,000 tons.

The company owns a large fleet of highly efficient and highly productive machinery. The tractor fleet has more than 30 tractors, which provide the use of wide-cut cultivation aggregates, it allows to reduce the preparation of soil in the shortest time. Modern sprayers provide the possibility for effective control of weeds and pests. Some part of the tractor fleet is used for mineral fertilizers, transportation of storage bunkers during harvesting and other ancillary works. 10 powerful imported combines, CASE and John Deere, are involved in harvesting. The fleet consists of more than 100 vehicles, the basis of which is 24 road trains used for crops transportation.

Annually LTD Agrotech-Garantia increases the yield of agricultural crops, introducing world advanced technologies of soil cultivation, leading to its fertility.

The company has 450 permanent employees and about 100 people are involved for seasonal works on the fields.

The enterprise has never had debts with taxes and other obligatory payments. It`s punctual with payments according to the leases. In 2016 Agrotech-Garantia has increased the rent of individual land units up to 10% of the normative monetary evaluation of the land.

LTD Agrotech-Garantia conducts active charity work. Every year we send children to improve their health in the sanatorium on the Azov Sea during the summer holidays. The best students of all district schools visit New Year’s shows in Kyiv, excursions in the cities of Poltava, Kharkiv. Since 2007, we have set up a training program for our company from among schoolchildren from the villages where we work. The essence of the program is to send the best students, at the expense of the enterprise, to higher education institutions of agricultural profile who have expressed a desire to devote themselves to agriculture with the further employment in our enterprise.

The main areas of philanthropy are financial support to schools for the repair of facilities, computer equipment and furniture, musical equipment, subscriptions to periodicals, preschool and medical institutions, local government, honoring veterans of the Great Patriotic War, pensioners.

Tractors are provided for cleaning snow with the necessary equipment and fuel reserves in order to ensure villages’ viability in the winter.

Every year the organization increases its technical and productive capacity owing to the clarity, operational and coordinated work of agronomic and engineering services, the legal department, accounting, marketing and the professionalism of all employees of the company. The clear circular system of the enterprise is well established – cultivation and testing of soil, fertilization, control of weeds and pests, harvesting, sales both in the local market and for export.

LTD Agrotech-Garantia has the possibility to deliver goods in Ukraine by specialized transport. At present our partners are such trading network of supermarkets as Furshet, ATB, Metro, Silpo, and Klass.

Our main principles and priorities in conducting business are openness, predictability and guarantee for the realization of our obligations. LTD Agrotech-Garantia has proved to be reliable and responsible partner for all years.