Grain storage


LTD Agrotech-Garantia faced the problem of storing grown crops
by building its potential. So in 2007 LTD Grain Innovation Systems was founded in order to save money and prevent losses. It is a grain elevator for receiving, cleaning, drying and storing grain, oilseed and oil crops.

The elevator was built with the use of world technologies, structures, mechanisms and launched to work for several months. It’s located on the outskirts of the town Mirgorod with convenient road and rail access, that promotes operative, easy unloading and loading of products.

LTD Grain Innovation Systems is now one of the largest grain terminals in its region, which carries out receiving, drying, cleaning, laboratory analysis and storage of grain.  “The Certificate of Compliance of Grain Storage Services of the State Inspection for Agricultural Product Quality Control allows distribution of grain crops both in local market and for export.

At present, the elevator can store 150 thousand tons of grain.

Grain cleaning is carried out on two METALAGRO WXU 250 separators with a capacity of 250 t/h each while the capacity of the MEGA TC 420 drying machines allows drying 3,000 tonnes of planted corn per day. The storage of grain is carried out in CHIEF Industries capacities by 5 and 7 thousand tonnes. A certified lab conducts analysis of accepted grain at the stages of its receiving, processing and shipment.

The elevator uses the most up-to-date, advanced and safe methods of work that doesn’t allow waste release into the environment. In such way we support the environmentally friendly city-resort Mirgorod and its surrounding.

LTD Grein Innovation Systems was able to employ about 100 professionals and experts.

At present, the elevator is raising its potential while increasing the receiving speed of grain products.